The Heart of Safety 

Winter conference specials! How to build a robust safety culture.

The Heart of Safety keynote explores the history of safety, the principles which have shaped the modern workplace and introduces the "new view" of safety.

The Heart of Safety keynote will inspire your teams to change the way they think about health and safety forever!

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A keynote to kickstart new thinking.

Introduce your team to a new way of thinking about health and safety. Move away from a "blame culture" and start to build resilience. Learn about the trends and insights shaping the future of workplace safety. 

  • 45 / 60 minute keynote 
  • Keynote plus interactive workshop/s  through the Amber + Academy.
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Mathew Goncalves

Facilitated by Mathew Goncalves.

Mathew Goncalves is a Chemical Engineer and the co-founder of the Health and Safety Dialogue Company Ltd. Mathew heads the research and development division of Amber, The Health and Safety Communication Platform.

Mathew has published papers on the "new view of safety" and the "semiotics of safety." Mathew brings a deep understanding and competence you can trust to introduce these concepts to your leadership and workforce.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Available to travel or virtual on request.  

History of Safety

By understanding the history of safety, teams can reflect on where safety management systems began. Learning from the past, will enlighten teams on how and where health and safety has changed. The keynote includes looking at Taylorism and the origins of behaviourism. These concepts will spark insightful conversations and debate.


New View 

The “new view” of safety is an exciting body of knowledge. It inspires managers, safety professionals, workers, and leadership alike. This body of knowledge includes concepts of just culture, human and organisational performance (HOP) and resilience engineering. These ideas inspire all departments and keep people at the heart of production.

Learning Teams

The learning teams methodology can move your organisation from "blame" into a team that learns. Learn from both the good and bad in your workplace. A learning team is a mindset and shift in looking at workplace events. The methodology will help organisations solve complex problems using functionally diverse teams.


Package Deals Available 

2024 specials include a 20% discount coupon on a 1 year Amber subscription.  

When you book the Heart of Safety Keynote for your July 2023 - August 2024 conference.

See Amber subscription prices.

Optional Extras:

  • Interactive Learning Teams Leadership Workshop (2-3 hours)
  • Onboarding and Training on Amber
  • Frontline Managers and/or Safety Officers' Adaption of Heart of Safety 
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