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What is Amber?

Amber Safety is the only subscription-based, health and safety communication software. Phase one is built for Africa with an emphasis on mining and large labour industries. Amber Safety is designed to enable safety professionals to see health and safety communication through a fresh creative lens. Created by a diverse team of artists, strategists, health and safety researchers and engineers. Amber Safety is a tool tailor-made for innovative safety professionals looking to introduce creativity and communication trends into their workplace training and culture. Click below for the Amber Safety white paper. Learn more about our Heart of Safety Keynote.


Designed & conceptualised based on cutting-edge research across the psychology of safety and human behaviour.

The high-quality  safety posters and easy-to-run interactive workshops are designed using proven employee engagement and message retention methodologies. The campaigns are easy to use and will transform workplace culture and training. Amber Safety is inspired by ISO 45001 and all workshops are designed to enable the participation of workers and leadership. We put these great resources into the hands of the safety professional. Select a safety topic and follow the step by step how-to-guides on how to implement these ready-to-run campaigns into your workplace.  

Our values are important to us.


Be Bold

  • Our approach to innovation.

Be Curious

  • Learn from the best.

Do/Do Not

  • Choices with impact.
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Our purpose
Saving lives through creativity in the workplace and beyond…

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What are people saying about Amber?


01. Thank you

“Thank you for the valuable information, may your organisation continue to be inspired.”


02. Amazing concept

“Amber is an amazing concept, wonderful work, truly remarkable.”


03. Great help!

“The graphics send a very strong message, I am excited to see more.”

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