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Upskill, with Amber and build your safety career .

Enroll for an in-person or online training, "A Masterclass in Strategic Safety Communication and Culture," and learn the best of Health and Safety contemporary theory. Gain practical communication skills that can be actioned into your workplace immediately. CPD points available through Saiosh. Facilitated by the awarded team Mathew Goncalves and Lindy Scott

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New ideas. New concepts. A human-centric approach health and safety.

Our award winning team have collated a masterclass based on deep research, experiential learning and communication tactics tried and tested within the health and safety community. The Amber + Academy is a hands-on learning experience that will empower safety professionals with practical tools. With a focus on non-technical skills learners of Amber + Academy will be ready for the workplace of the future. 



  • Health and Safety Context, History and Legal Frameworks
  • Communication and Safety
  • Learning from Work and Workers
  • Practical Communication Exercises


  • The Heart of Safety, an introduction to the New View of Safety and why Africa must join the conversation.
  • From Art School to Amber, Lessons in design thinking for safety professionals.
  • Online or in-person options available


  • An introduction to learning teams.
  • Semiotics and Semantics in Safety
  • Amber Onboarding - Facilitation and Software Training
  • The Heart of Safety Workshop
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Enrol today & build your safety career