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Skills of the future. Learn to use amber in under 15 minutes (with videos)

Do you have the skills required to future-proof your role as a safety professional?
How are you preparing for the future of the health and safety profession? Robots can't replace people skills. This is great news for safety professionals. Safety professionals already understand the complex relationship between production and humans.
The question is, are you doing enough to future-proof your career?
Based on many studies the skills of the future include cognitive flexibility. This is the ability to think in different ways. With this skill, you would be able to view a problem from different perspectives.
Digital literacy and computational thinking are other skills required for the future. This means you can adopt new technologies and understand data. Using software like Amber is a step in the right direction.
The skill of judgement and decision-making is vital for any safety professional. This skill will keep the role of the safety professional irreplaceable. What business choices will keep production up and our people safe?
Emotional and social intelligence are skills needed for the workplace of the future. This is great news for safety professionals because people are at the heart of our day jobs. But the question is always there. How can we improve relationships between workers and leadership?
When we look at ISO 45001 clause 5, we can see that understanding feedback from workers and leadership is now vital to building a robust safety management system.
The last skill suggested is having a creative and innovative mindsetAmber helps safety professionals use creative tactics. These tactics inspire dialogue about health, safety, and wellness-related topics.
Having a learning mindset will keep your career interesting and growing. A safety professional with an appetite for knowledge and innovation will always succeed. 
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